It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Watch Morgan From ‘The Walking Dead’ Beat Up The Wolves With A Lightsaber

(Slight spoilers ahead)

We still don’t know how Morgan came to a peaceful place in his existence (although it did seem like he killed the long-haired Wolf) within the context of the walker-filled world in The Walking Dead. We also aren’t sure how he learned to kick ass with a bo staff, but hopefully there’s a nice, fat flashback this season — the show’s creators have said there will be several — that will explain how Morgan became Donatello.

This past Sunday’s episode of TWD was one of the best in the entire series. It was action-packed from bell-to-bell, with Carol and Morgan — in the absence of Rick and co. — stepping up to eviscerate, knockout, and plain ol’ shoot the Wolves until their surviving members take off from Alexandria. One of the most exciting scenes occurred when Morgan was outnumbered by a handful of Wolves, circling the man like a pack of… well, wolves.

Resembling an Asian cinema set piece (or, for my American cinema fans, Blind Fury), Morgan proceeds to level the f*ck out of the barbaric enemies. With the recent Star Wars trailer hitting the interwebs, it was only a matter of time before some genius created a YouTube clip of Morgan holding a half-lightsaber, half-bow staff. I smell another racist boycott brewing.

(via Reddit/Tom Rae)