‘The Walking Dead’ Is Known As ‘Traveling Corpses, Walking Meat’ In China

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11.05.13 9 Comments

Apparently the Chinese are super into The Walking Dead, so much so that in China, it’s the most-watched…that sentence doesn’t need to go any further. The Walking Dead is the most watched everything. Cable drama. Cable drama about zombies. Cable drama about rotting flesh (actually, it’s second, behind every time Bruce Jenner is on-screen in Keeping Up with Kardashians). EVERYTHING. It’s received “more than 27 million views” on China’s YouTube, Youku, according to the Seattle Times, which also includes this very important fact.

China’s largest news agency, Xinhua, reported that as of Aug. 7, all episodes of the show had received a combined 250 million views in China across all video sites. The show’s Chinese title, Traveling Corpses, Walking Meat (or “xingshi zourou”), frequently trends on Weibo, China’s Twitter.

Also, this:

The show is especially attractive to Chinese fans because there’s no domestic equivalent on cable television. China lacks a ratings system for television, so shows with more violent content are rarer. Authorities have banned some television shows for being too violent for any viewer, and on Oct. 13, China Central Television, the state-run television network that acts as a mouthpiece for government authorities, criticized the children’s cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf for excessive violence and adult language. (Via)

China will never not fascinate American walking corpses, which is also an great alternate title for Six Feet Under.

(Via the Seattle Times)

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