A New ‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek Shows A Catatonic Rick Reacting To Negan’s Victim

The great mystery of The Walking Dead season seven has finally been revealed. Sort of.

At their panel at New York Comic Con a new TWD preview was revealed, and fans were treated to Rick’s catatonic reaction to the gruesome beating we all saw in the half-season finale back in April.

Rick is clearly distraught while Negan quips at him “What? Was the joke that bad?” “I’m gonna kill you,” Rick replies, “Not today. Not tomorrow. But I’m gonna kill you you.” Eventually Negan asks for Rick’s axe, and drags him off into a trailer, foreshadowing a very Jamie Lannister-esque, comic book moment for Rick could be on the way.

Then, the moment of truth, sort of. With the faint sound of someone crying in the background, the camera ominously pans down and shows… the remnants of a victim beaten so bad their skull is mush and they’re unrecognizable. The speculation about just who was on the other end of that Negan/Lucille beating isn’t quite revealed, though the ghastly, horrendous results of that beating are. So keep debating and overanalyzing single frames of previews and Demi Lovato birthday wishes folks, it could be Glenn, Maggie, Daryl. Nobody knows.

But look at that bloody bat.

Obviously we won’t truly find out who Negan’s victim is until the second half of season seven premieres on October 23rd.