The One Type Of Zombie You Will Never See On ‘The Walking Dead’

12.08.15 3 years ago 28 Comments


It’s well known by now that special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero is trying to make the zombies in The Walking Dead look as real as possible, which means that the zombies are a little more decomposed after each season. After two years of decomposition, the walkers look absolutely revolting. Based on science, we may even be able to predict the ending of The Walking Dead based on the walkers’ decomposition rates (let’s just hope it’s an upbeat ending, as Robert Kirkman has suggested).

The decomposition of the zombies has gotten so bad, that this zombie in the sixth season premiere got me wondering.



That walker is almost literally nothing but flesh and bone. How much more can these zombies decompose before there’s nothing left but a skeleton? Are we looking at a future The Walking Dead where the walkers look like this:

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