‘The Walking Dead’ Is Filming Season 7 Out Of Order To Hide Who Negan Killed

Contributing Writer
06.11.16 10 Comments

The controversial Walking Dead season six finale is far behind us and I like to think most of us have finally made it through the five stages of grief related to the secret of Negan’s victim: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sure, there are still some in the bargaining stage, saying they don’t give a damn and will figure out who died before the show returns anyways. But that’s an unfortunate life to lead (trust me, I know).

Besides, it sounds like The Walking Dead producers are taking extra precautions to keep the resolution to season six’s cliffhanger a secret in today’s internet-connected age. After social media revealed one of the cast members was somewhere else filming a movie, special effects head Greg Nicotero went so far as to say in an interview with IGN that they were shooting the season out of order, partially to throw people off. So someone being seen or not seen on set no longer means as much as it once did.

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