The Evolution Of Walter White With A Gun In His Face Is Why ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Everything

The thing about counting down to the final eight episodes of a show that the internet is obsessed with is there are so many eyeballs picking up on the little things that make the show brilliant and bringing them to the rest of our attention. It’s why we’re in the golden age of both television and internet. Take pretty much everything Breaking Bad-related Dustin does, for example. Or the below new something from r/BreakingBad paying tribute to the acting prowess of Bryan Cranston.

Mr. Cranston is clearly a good enough actor that he can walk around Comic-Con in his own mask without anyone being the wiser, but a true testament to his finely tuned craft and why he should always win ALL THE AWARDS is this season by season breakdown of Walter White’s evolution as told by how he reacts to a gun in his face.

The man is a national treasure, folks. Speaking of which, here’s another image shared on r/Breaking Bad entitled, “Bryan Cranston and I at Comic-con this morning. Little did I know…

My what an equal parts tremendous and gut-wrenching story.

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