Watch A News Anchor Briefly Go Insane On-Air

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04.26.13 6 Comments

Here is a video of WOLE-DT’s Noticias Locales news anchor Saúl Cordero temporarily going insane on-air, or at least looking silly while performing mouth exercises. The clip is drawing a lot of comparisons to the only scene from Bruce Almighty anyone can remember, in which Evan “Not-Yet-Almighty” Baxter is possessed by GOD. This begs an important question: what other moments from Jim Carrey movies should news anchors reenact live? They could…

  • Enter the broadcast through a mechanical rhino’s butt.
  • Speak through their own butt.
  • Shout FINKLE IS EINHORN, EINHORN IS FINKLE at the end of every story.
  • Make viewers at home wait for information until their Slinky descends the stairs.
  • Hire Cannibal Corpse as the station’s meteorologists.

So, pretty much just make the news either of the Ace Ventura films. You’re welcome, CNN.

(Via Clip Nation)

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