Watch A Supercut Of Horrified ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Reacting To The Red Wedding

Two things.

1) Does everyone record themselves watching TV? “Big Brother watching me while I’m watching Big Brother #lolz”

2) While checking out the video below, which rounds up the visual reactions of Game of Thrones fans right after the Red Wedding HAPPENED, I found myself playing a game: Book Reader, Non-Book Reader, or Monster? The Non-Book Readers are the easiest to spot. They’re the ones who look the most taken aback by y’know, i.e. they’re the ones who are screaming and rolling on the floor. Book Reader vs. Monster is tougher, though. Typically, the Book Reader will have a smirk on his or her face, as I did, especially if there’s a Non-Book Reader next to them — half of my enjoyment, if you can call it that, from the Red Wedding came from glancing sideways at my fiancée, who had no idea what was about to happen. (Also, we’re getting married in a month, which, uh oh.) Some people in the supercut, though, don’t react at all. They could either be a disappointed Book Reader, or an unfeeling Monster who DOESN’T CARE WHEN THE GOOD GUYS AND A PREGNANT WOMAN AND A DIREWOLF DIE.

Um, spoiler alert, I guess? But c’mon, no excuse.