Watch A Young Child Shut Down Fox News’ Argument Against Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Illinois State University is the latest college to designate “gender neutral” restrooms around campus to accommodate transgender and LGBT students who often face harassment. The university is converting what had previously been labeled “family” single stall restrooms into the gender neutral restrooms, so it’s not even changing the functionality or affecting anybody at all, really — but that’s not going to stop the dummies at Fox News from losing their damn minds over it. Because why should anybody ever go out of their way to make transgender people feel comfortable! THE GAYS ARE WINNING!

In a segment called “The PC Police,” Fox and Friends sent co-host Steve Doocy out to talk to some people on the street to show them the “ludicrous” signs that will designate these new restrooms which display a half man-half woman symbol, fully expecting confusion and outrage from a bunch of rube tourists who would guffaw at the signs and fully back up his point. But instead the people he spoke with, including a young boy, were all, yeah? So what’s the problem here?

I believe the journalistic term for what transpires here is “dropping a Dooce.” *high fives everyone*

(Media Matters via Jezebel)

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