Watch Abed’s ‘Cougar Town’ Cameo

Savvy sitcom fans know that there’s been no shortage of love between NBC’s “Community” and ABC’s “Cougar Town” this year, from Abed’s (Danny Pudi) extended soliloquy about being an extra on “Cougar Town” to the background appearance of Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd in the “Community” finale.

On last night’s “Cougar Town” finale, the crossover love came full circle, with Pudi appearing as an extra in a scene with Laurie (Phillips) and Travis (Byrd). At least the scene starts with Pudi as an extra — by the end of the clip, it’s clear that he’s in character as Abed, and his autistic fixation on studying people gets the better of him. Watch the video below.

With the exception of the heavy-handed product placement, it’s a pretty cool little scene.

(Thanks to Brandon at With Leather for finding the video.)