Watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Melissa Rauch’s Naughty Childhood Home Movies From ‘Conan’

Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory stopped by Conan to talk a bit about the show and expand on her past, bringing some childhood home movies to show during the interview. It just goes to show that some folks are connected to show business from an early age, either via their parents or as something they’ve caught from the world around them. It just isn’t usually this questionable.

Rauch explains that she didn’t see a lot of boundaries growing up and the video proves it, showing her 8-year-old self performing “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three [Tits and Ass]” from A Chorus Line. It’s Chris Hansen level material and Conan knows it judging from his comments about it being used in court. The best part, as always, are Andy Richter’s comments comparing the basement in the video to Gitmo. It’s funny and true.

(Via Team Coco)