Watch Keri Russell Play Russian Roulette In The First Teasers For Season 2 Of ‘The Americans’

12.16.13 12 Comments

The Americans returns for a second season in February, and so, because this is how publicity works, FX has released the first two teasers to get everyone all pumped up about it. The first features Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys hiding in a closet (as spies are wont to do), and the second features the two of them playing Russian Roullete at the dinner table. Get it? Russian Roulette? Because they’re from Russia? Nice try sneaking that by me, FX.

Personally, I think more shows should adopt this kind of regionally appropriate symbolism. The teasers for The Bridge could show a Mexican Standoff, the artwork for the next season of Mad Men could depict Don Draper drinking a Manhattan, and the full-length trailer for Boardwalk Empire could just be a full two minutes of Nucky getting an Atlantic City Wake-Up Call, which is a term I just made up that refers to passing out under the boardwalk after blowing your rent money at the Caesar’s Palace craps table, and waking up to a flock of seagulls poking you in the eye.

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