Watch Lindsay Lohan And Billy Eichner Destroy A Station Wagon With Sledgehammers

03.27.14 6 Comments

In what almost has to be the first example of someone taking a sledgehammer to a station wagon while screaming “I WORKED WITH LILY F*CKING TOMLIN,” Lindsay Lohan appeared with Billy Eicher on Billy on the Street last night to protest the end of How I Met Your Mother by doing just that. (Billy Eichner is really, really upset about the show ending.) It’s exactly as weird and wonderful as it sounds. I could watch the two of them do demolition work — or rather, try to do demolition work — while shouting non-sequiturs about the casts of long-running sitcoms for hours. Billy Eichner yelling “WHAT AM I GONNA LIVE-TWEET NOW, SUCKA?! WHAT AM I GONNA LIVE-TWEET NOW?!” might be my new ringtone.

You know what? I hope they open a business. I’ve got a wall that needs knocking down and feelings about the end of 30 Rock that I still haven’t worked out yet. I think Billy Eichner and Lindsay Lohan screaming about it while taking care of the wall for me might help. I’ll pay handsomely.

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