Watch A Furious Mace-Spraying Woman Attack A Local News Crew

The key moment in the clip below, as said by a local news anchor: “…for some strange reason, the woman comes out of the house.” But first some background:

While approaching a home where hostages had been taken the night before, a news crew from Washington D.C.’s WUSA9 were attacked by an unidentified woman.

Camerawoman Danielle Gill and reporter Bruce Johnson were on-scene, standing on the sidewalk immediately in front of a home that had been invaded the night before. While talking to a mailman, a young woman appeared in the window above to shout at the crew to get away. (Via)

The women then proceeded to mace the crew and tell them to “GET BACK” (maybe she just wanted to talk about her favorite Beatles song). It’s great, and to take it back to “for some strange reason,” maybe it’s because she doesn’t a TV crew filming tight shots of her window? She’s a hero, even if she didn’t shout “PAPERBACK WRITER.”

(Via Mediaite)