Watch The ‘EPIC’ New Trailer For The Fifth Season Of ‘Portlandia’

IFC has announced that the premiere of the fifth season of Portlandia is set for Thursday, January 8, and along with that news came this “EPIC trailer.” Just how EPIC is it? Well, it’s not really all that EPIC, nor is it even lower-cased epic, but it does reveal that we’ll be in for yet another celebrity-packed season. According to IFC, Vanessa Bayer, Steve Buscemi, Shepard Fairey, Greta Gerwig, Peter Giles, Matt Groening, Anna Gunn, Justin Long, Jane Lynch, Natasha Lyonne, Seth Meyers, Brigitte Nielsen, Parker Posey, Paul Reubens, Paul Simon, Olivia Wilde and Oscar the Grouch will all be stopping by this lovely hamlet of hipsters and a-holes. And they will, of course, be joined by regular visitors like Jeff Goldblum and Kyle MacLachlan, arguably TV’s most inept mayor.

As you can see in the trailer, all of your favorite characters will be back for the 10-episode season, and is there a hint that this could be the last? Sure, let’s go ahead and casually start that rumor.