Watch The Season 2 Trailer For HBO’s Best Comedy, ‘Veep’

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02.24.13 15 Comments

In a just world, Veep would receive the amount of attention Girls has. That’s not to say Girls is bad (in fact, the last two episodes have been very, very good), but Veep is a masterpiece of profanity and insults. “Gold-plated sh*t gibbon” deserves to replace “E pluribus unum” on the Seal of the United States. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has hit “national treasure” status as Selina Meyer, Anna Chlumsky is Armando Iannucci’s wonderful, foul-mouthed muse, and Matt Walsh and Timothy Simons makes for TV’s best love-hate relationship. What I’m saying is, please watch Veep.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Julia Louis-Dreyfus discussed season two.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said there will be more new characters. “Selina’s going to get closer to the West Wing and then perhaps wish she wasn’t so close to the West Wing,” she said in August 2012. “And we may even travel globally…that remains to be seen, but it may be the case if we can figure it out, budget-wise.” (Via)

Watch the trailer below. (As for the “HBO’s best comedy” claim: Curb is better, but it may not return until 2048, or ever.)

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