We Are Now One Step Closer To A Full-On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cruise

The fact that there’s not already a Game of Thrones cruise is ridiculous. Everything and everyone has a cruise these days. And seeing as (a) Game of Thrones has a large, rabid fan base full of people who would probably jump at the chance to shell out hundreds of dollars for a week-long trip around the Caribbean with props and secondary characters from the show, and (b) George R.R. Martin already dresses like a sea captain despite living in the middle of New Mexico, the whole thing is so obvious that I can’t believe no one has stepped up and made it happen yet. Someone should be fired.

But, I digress. The important thing here is that, while there’s still no full-on, week-long cruise with huge medieval-style buffets and fake sword fights in the pool on the main deck, there is a small Game of Thrones shore excursion within longer, normal trips around Northern Europe on some Crystal Cruises.

The half-day Enter the Game of Thrones tour will be offered on sailings to the show’s key filming location, Northern Ireland, and will include visits to several production locations near Belfast. Participants will step into mythical medieval life with a chance to shoot arrows, take photographs with show costumes and learn how real, centuries-old castles and towers are transformed into sets for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

So there’s that, if that’s your cup of tea. Me, I recommend holding out for the whole thing, even though I maintain my firm, anti-cruise position. At least with this one, if it turns into a poop cruise, you’ll have a good way to entertain yourself.