Weekend Preview: The Season Premiere Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones (HBO, Sunday 9 p.m.) — FOURTH SEASON PREMIERE. Prepare for the new season by checking out the actors and porn stars newly cast to the series, watching a recap of the third season in Emoji, revisiting the 20 most tragic deaths of the series, watching the many philophies of Westeros, and, uh, naked Natalie Dormer should get you ready for the premiere, too.

Silicon Valley (HBO, Sunday 10 p.m.) — I saw the pilot earlier this week. It’s good. The next episodes are even better. I think HBO definitely has a new comedy hit on their hands. If you don’t have HBO, you can still catch the season premiere on YouTube come Monday.

Veep (HBO, Sunday 10:30 p.m.) — With all the run-up to Game of Thrones, I feel that Veep has been sadly neglected. That’s too bad, because it’s currently the best half-hour comedy on premium cable. Season three sees the Veep making a run at POTUS. You can still watch all the hilarious Jonah deleted scenes from season two.

Turn (AMC, Sunday 9 p.m.) — SERIES PREMIERE. The 90-minute pilot kind of drags. Here’s our review from earlier today.

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday 11:30 p.m.) — Anna Kendrick hosts. Check out the promos, and see why she’s the Jennifer Lawrence of Twitter.

Raising Hope (Fox, Friday 9 p.m.) — SERIES FINALE. *Sob Sob* The Internet ignored one of the best sitcoms on TV, and so did everyone else. But to be honest, four seasons was a blessing.

Shameless (Showtime, Sunday 9 p.m.) — As if there weren’t enough to watch on Sunday already, Shameless ends its fourth — and arguably best — season.