‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Lin-Manuel Miranda And Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync ‘The Hamilton Polka,’ And The Joy Is Palpable

“Weird Al” Yankovic isn’t for everyone. (Just ask Prince.) Those of us that love Al however, do so with cultish abandon and unapolegetic dorking out at the parodies, deep cuts and anything worthy of a UHF broadcast. That spirit was on full display on Friday’s edition of The Tonight Show when Lin-Manuel Miranda and host Jimmy Fallon were adorably in awe of their “Dare To Be Stupid” musical comedy hero.

Miranda and Fallon were happy to fawn over Al and Al did a bang-up job of being fawned over on the late night chat show. In addition to discussing album tracks that’ll bubble up on Al’s parody-free Vanity Tour and Miranda returning to star in Hamilton for Puerto Rico run aimed at assisting the still recovering island, the Manhattan and broadcast audience was treated to special lip sync of the freshly released “Hamilton Polka” which is 10000% what you think it is. Before it kicked off, Fallon relayed to Al how big of fans he and Miranda are of his polka medleys.

“We had a bonding experience in my basement listening to ‘Polka Party,'” explained Fallon with Miranda cheerfully confirming the story. “And we listened to it word-for-word and now here we are sitting with the man on national television.”

Witness the lip sync below. Odds are slim that the trio will do something off of Fallon’s The Bathroom Wall at a future Tonight Show appearance, but never say never.

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