Welcome To ‘Mad Men’ Reimagined As ‘The OC,’ Bitch (And The Morning Links)

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06.27.13 2 Comments

mad men the oc

“Don’s been on the run/Driving in the sun(kist)/Looking out for #1/California, here he comes.” (Vulture)

Because You Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Get Lucky’ Daft Punk Has Made A 10-Minute Remix For You — (UPROXX)

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This Week in Posters: Hobbit Homes and Photoshop Disasters — (Film Drunk)

73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: Over The Top — (With Leather)

Here’s What Happened In The Original, Terrible Ending To World War Z — (Gamma Squad)

The Lakers Say “Please, Baby Please” To Dwight Howard — (Smoking Section)

No. No ‘Hernandezing’. Stop That. — (KSK)

Which of These 6 Movies Will Get Your Money? — (Pajiba)

10 Plants That Smell Like Meat — (Mental Floss)

Classic Children’s Books Starring ‘Parks and Rec’ Characters — (Flavorwire)

What Sexy Babes at the Beach are Definitely Thinking — (College Humor)

The Ever-Flawed NFL 100 — (Grantland)

5 Ridiculous Modern Fashions With Badass Historical Origins — (Cracked)

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