Were There Coen Brothers Easter Eggs In The ‘Fargo’ Pilot? You Betcha.

FX’s Fargo may or may not be a commercial success, depending on which headline you think has the best pun, but it’s certainly a critical one, with our own Danger Guerrero calling it “THAT DIDN’T STOP HER OWNER FROM FILMING A DOGGY KARAOKE VIDEO.” (I might be quoting the wrong article here.) In other words, it’s every Coen Brothers movie: not a blockbuster, but intensely beloved.

It even looks like many of their movies, right down to the props.

“The filmmakers, the directors, the DP, Noah [Hawley, who wrote the show’s 10 episodes] — they would borrow stuff, I think, from a lot of Coen films,” [Colin] Hanks told us. “They’ve got a very specific way of doing things that we sort of borrow from.” (Via)

Diligent viewers may have even noticed the White Russian from The Big Lebowski

…and the wood chipper from, well, Fargo.

And this one isn’t much of an Easter egg, but it’s still a nod to the original film.

Every episode of Fargo should include at least one reference to a Coen Brothers movie. Deputy Solverson could adopt the cat from Inside Llewyn Davis…OK, what I’m saying is, the cat from Inside Llewyn Davis should be in every episode of Fargo.