Werner Herzog Is Finally Getting An Action Figure, Commemorating His Turn On ‘The Mandalorian’

For going on seven decades, Werner Herzog has done it all. One of the leading lights of the New German Cinema movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, he’s directed movies in jungles, over burning oil fields, on an island with an active volcano. He claimed to threaten to shoot Aguirre: The Wrath of God star Klaus Kinski when he tried to quit. He pulled Joaquin Phoenix from a car wreck. He’s reportedly the reason Baby Yoda was a puppet and not some charmless CGI vomit. But through it all, through thick and thin, he’s never had an action figure.

That all changes soon. As per ScreenCrush, Hasbro’s Star Wars line is set to add two new characters to its coffers. One is Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka, who bowed on The Mandalorian and is getting her own spin-off show. The other is “The Client,” the mysterious and ominous figure who seeks Baby Yoda (er, sorry, Grogu) in Season 1, played by no less than the director of Fitzcarraldo and Grizzly Man.

How would Herzog himself react to the news? Probably with a chuckle and one of his bizarre monologues about overwhelming and collective murder. Or maybe he’d remind you that he’s already got a Funko Pop. As for you, you can pre-order the Ahsoka and Client figures on October 27 for delivery sometime in 2022. You can use it to prop up your old Herzog box set that features Stroszek and the one where the entire cast performs while under hypnosis.

(Via ScreenCrush)