A New ‘Westworld’ Promo Is Already Teasing The Violent Rebellion Ahead


Westworld, HBO’s brand-new sci-fi/western robot cowboy theme park uprising series (industry term), just debuted this week with a violent and fascinating premiere, and based on this new promo, the series isn’t going to waste too much time getting down to business. Titled “In The Weeks Ahead,” it gives us glances at everything from an increasingly confused Dolores to The Ongoing Ballad Of Evil Ed Harris to what appears to be Anthony Hopkins’ character going full-on puppetmaster with terrifying, Lecter-like intensity. Is… is Anthony Hopkins the bad guy here? Is that what’s happening? Because you could do a lot worse than Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins playing your bad guys. A whole lot worse.

But we won’t know the answer to all of that for a bit, because the teaser doesn’t do much in the way of revealing where the whole mystery is headed. That’s probably to be expected, though. I mean, why would you give that away in a 90-second promo you released right after the first episode of your wildly expensive new show? That would be a terrible business decision. But HBO is pretty smart, so instead of ruining everything, they just went with a bunch creepy dialogue and explosions and Evan Rachel Wood firing a gun while riding a horse. Not their first rodeo.

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