The Whole Gang’s Back In The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

With all due respect to Daredevil, Grace and Frankie, and Orange Is the New Black, they’re all the very good appetizers to the main course: Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. No show this year fills me such unbridled joy. And nervous horror. It could be a terrific success, or harm the legacy of one of the funniest movies of the last 15 years (this is when you rush down to the comments and say how wrong I am, or quote your favorite line).

The video above is our best look at the show, which premieres July 31, yet. Everyone’s back, and H. Jon Benjamin provides the voiceover, presumably as a can of vegetables. So far, so good! Leave your bullsh*t attitude and baggage at the door, and watch the thing.