What The Hell Is Going On In This Incredibly Rare Footage Of Conan O’Brien And Bob Odenkirk?

Back in 2006, during a Late Night with Conan O’Brien episode being filmed in Chicago, Conan O’Brien introduced some rare footage of he and Bob Odenkirk from a stage show they were doing called Happy Happy Good Show from 1988. It was during this time when Conan and Odenkirk were both writers on Saturday Night Live. During the summer break, they put on this show to demonstrate their performance talents (the improv show also featured SNLer Robert Smigel).

This is apparently the only known footage from Happy Happy Good Place, which — according to Wikipedia — received very negative reviews. However, some of the sketches from the improv show would later form the basis for much more popular bits, including Bill Swerski’s Super Fans (DA BULLS), SNL’s nude beach sketch (“nice penis, Bob”), and Conan’s The Year 2000 bit.

I suspect the above footage, however, was never turned into anything because it’s bizarre, nonsensical, and strange as hell. Then again, who could’ve predicted that two guys making strange faces and goofy noises back in 1988 would eventually become the host of The Tonight Show and the star of one of the best dramas on television, Better Call Saul?

Source: YouTube via Reddit