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I consider myself a relatively open-minded person. I have no problem with gay marriage. I’ll befriend people of any race as long as they’re attractive. I understand and accept that young people will always wear clothes I think are stupid. I’m even okay with women voting and driving cars, just as long as they don’t do it while they’re having their period.

But THIS… This is truly F’d up. In the clip from Nat Geo’s “Taboo” below, you’ll see a man who spends half his life as an “adult baby.” He plays with Legos in an adult-sized playpen, sucks on a pacifier, wears a diaper, and gets fed by a former nurse who indulges his fantasy. It is DARK AS HELL.

I just don’t get why any adult would want to be a baby, because being an adult owns so hard. You get to drink booze and stay up late and have sex and watch HBO. That totally makes the crappy stuff like paying bills worthwhile. Although I suppose it would be pretty cool to crap your pants at your whim.

More from Jezebel:

[Stanley] explains “adult baby” role playing as a way of blowing off steam from a stressful day of work. Except that he doesn’t have a job. Neither does Sandra. They both receive Social Security disability benefits for unspecified reasons and use their free time to run an adult baby internet support group and building custom-made baby furniture that can support Stanley’s weight.

…and that, boys and girls, is how conservatives are made.

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