Here’s Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In July 2019

06.19.19 4 weeks ago


Netflix continues to ramp up its original content this month, giving us some returning favorites and a few new films to add to our queues.

First up is the highly-anticipated third season of Stranger Things. The kids are back, the vibe is more ’80s than ever, and we’re taking the action to the food court. Stranger Things star David Harbour leads his own mockumentary later in the month that focuses on his family’s acting legacy before Queer Eye returns, and Orange Is The New Black drops its final season. To round out the month, Chris Evans brings us a political thriller based on an insane real-life ’80s operation by some Israeli spies.

Here’s a roundup of everything coming to (and leaving) Netflix in July.

Stranger Things 3 (Netflix series streaming 7/4)

The sci-fi series returns for more Demigorgon-fueled action as the kids of Hawkins enjoy the waning days of summer before a new school year begins. The show ventures into more adult territory now that its stars are also growing up, but that sense of childhood nostalgia is still there as most of the season centers on that universal pre-teen hangout spot: the mall. A few figures from Eleven’s past pop up as the group realizes they’re not done fighting monsters just yet.


Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein (Netflix film streaming 7/16)

David Harbour is pulling double-duty this month, first with Stranger Things and then with this spooky mockumentary that explores his family’s acting legacy. Through overdramatic reenactments and stylish comedy stage play, Harbour digs up lost footage from his father’s televised stage play to explore the man’s legacy and wring a few laughs from the rest of us.


Queer Eye: Season 4 (Netflix series streaming 7/19)

Netflix has already given the green light for the fifth season of this feel-good reality makeover series, but before they start filming that, we’ve got this installment to look forward to. The gays head back to Kansas City to revamp the most conservative small towns of the Midwest. Last season, we saw the show focus on previously under-represented groups like women of color and lesbians, so here’s hoping we get to see even more stereotype-breaking characters this time around.

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