What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: The Final Season Of A Divisive Drama

If you’ve already watched the Best 25 Best Shows on Netflix, powered through the Next 25 Best TV Shows on Netflix, and got caught up on this week’s best new movies on Netflix, we now have even more Netflix options for you. Here’s all the recently released seasons of television on Netflix, plus upcoming expirations and Netflix TV news.

Pick of the Week

The Killing, Season 4 — It’s ironic how excited I once was for this final season of The Killing, considering that I have only liked one and a half seasons of the series so far (the third season, and the first half of the second season). But that strong third season had me hopeful that the final six episodes of the series would continue to keep up the series’ momentum. There haven’t been than many reviews of it yet, and the reviews that have been released only talk about the first four episodes, but when I see “The Killing is a shadow of its former self,” I am seriously concerned since at least half of “its former self” was not much to speak of. Nevertheless, this is the series I’m going to be bingeing best I can this weekend. The upside is, at least they can drop F-bombs on Netflix. (Here’s everything you need to know about the final season).

Netflix News of Note — Because Netflix cares more about its customers than trying to engage in an extended stand-off with an ISP, the service has buckled, agreeing to make a deal with AT&T to ensure faster speeds. The deal is similar to the ones its made with Comcast and Verizon. DAMN THE MAN. Leave a message with the FCC, get net neutrality enacted, and ensure that those costs are not ultimately passed on to us.

Expiring SoonHe-Man and the Masters of the Universe (seasons one through three) and it looks like ESPN’s 30 for 30 doc series is being dropped, too.

The Rest of Netflix’s Recent Releases

Spoils of Babylon, Season 1 (available Thursday) — The television miniseries, which parodies older television miniseries has an exceptional cast: Tobey Maguire, Kristen Wiig, Tim Robbins, Jelly Howie, Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Sheen, Will Ferrell. The star-studded, six-part saga focuses on the oil-rich Morehouse family, whose complicated lives are awash in sex, betrayal, corruption and bloodshed. I watched the first two episodes, and it was kind of funny, but it felt like it was basically the same joke told over and over by different actors. Eh.

Continuum, Season Three — I watched the first season of Continuum, and liked it, but couldn’t find time to continue with the sci-fi series, but those who have stuck with it, swear by it, and insist it’s the best sci-fi series on TV. It’s about a detective (Rachel Nichols) from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future. I can confirm that Rachel Nichols is amazing in it, although I can also confirm that it has fairly typical production values for a Canadian television show.