What’s on: Bummers & Blueberries

06.30.11 8 years ago 16 Comments

Louie (FX) — Tonight’s episode, “Bummer/Blueberries,” examines Louie’s awkward attempts at a dating life, and it might be my favorite of the first four episodes of Season 2. Also new on FX: Wilfred, which earned the highest ratings for a comedy premiere in FX history last week.

Ugly Americans (Comedy Central) — Season premiere. The animated monster comedy returns for a second season. The show has its moments, but it’s never consistently held my attention. Preceded by: Futurama.

Community (NBC) — Yes, it’s a repeat, but it’s also my favorite “normal” episode from Season 2: “Mixology Certification,” in which Troy turns 21, Annie tries out a new identity, and Jeff and Britta argue about the coolness of a certain bar.

50 Super Epic TV Moments (E!) — In a lot of ways, E! is the Bleacher Report of television.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) — Guest judge Kristen Chenoweth helps eliminate two more contestants on the results show. AXIS Dance Company, which features dancers with disabilities, is also scheduled to perform.

Swamp People (History) — Sometimes I’m amazed by the variances of a single language. I can speak to someone from London, and we could have a normal conversation despite our different accents. But there’s no way in hell that the stars of “Swamp People” could converse with, say, a Geordie from Newcastle.

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