What's On Tonight: On a Scale of Fur to Scales, I Prefer Scales

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04.04.12 13 Comments

Happy Endings (ABC) — “Happy Ending’s” airs its second season finale tonight with with guest stars Nate Smith, Steven Guarino, Brian Austin Green and a black gospel choir. I’m a little annoyed that ABC, which has been airing re-runs in the three time slots before “Happy Endings” over the last two weeks, is doing the same again, failing to give the finale any lead-in support. Even more annoying is that, despite the fact that there’s one unaired episode of “Happy Endings” remaining, they choose to run a re-run of “Modern Family” instead. The good news, I hear, is that the unaired episode may run before June. Hopefully, it won’t be the show’s last. Whatever. Here’s 80 Awesome GIFs from the show. Get your jam on.

Bent (NBC) — That was quick. NBC is running the last two of six ordered episodes of “Bent” tonight. Why did the network burn off a well-reviewed show quickly in a bad time slot? Vulture has the explanation. I’d detail it here but it’s kind of boring. In either case, it’s the last we’ll see of the show, which is a shame. I dug it.

Best Friends Forever (NBC) — Jessica St. Clair, from Bridesmaids, and Lennon Parham star as a pair of best friends who live on opposite sides of the country who are reunited after a divorce. NBC is giving the show — which has received mildly approving reviews — the same treatment it gave “Bent,” so if you decide to watch, don’t get too invested.

Survivor (CBS) — In tonight’s episode, the women decide to band together and start picking off the men one by one. You know what? These strategies never work. Ever.

One Tree Hill (CW) — OMG! OMG! After ten years, the show finally comes to an end tonight. THIS IS IT. THE SERIES FINALE. I’ve never seen an episode, but I’ve got three hours to marathon all 10 seasons to prepare for this EPIC finale. Or something. Who’s in this show, anyway?

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS — Kiefer Sutherland is on Dave; Cee-lo is on Leno; Jason Biggs is on Kimmel; Jeffrey Tambor is on Ferguson, ostensibly to promote the show that’s going off the air tonight; Alyson Hannigon is on Fallon; and Ricky Gervais is on “Colbert.”

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