What’s On Tonight: Gotta Be Fresh

07.24.12 6 Comments

Image via Comedy Central

Workaholics (Comedy Central) – On tonight’s episode, Montez thinks his wife is cheating on him and the gang tries to help him track down her lover. I’m sure everything will go very smoothly from beginning to end.

Franklin & Bash (TNT) – Is it me, or has this season been less bro-y than last season? It feels like it has. And yes, I am aware that recent episodes featured a summer associate who worked her way through law school as a high-class exotic dancer, and a jury selection process that involved the term “JILF.” Last season was a high bar.

Love in the Wild (NBC) – Season 2 finale. All I have been able to ascertain about this show is that it is hosted by Jenny McCarthy and one of the contestants has giant boobs. For more hard-hitting TV news like this, visit my new website http://www.SuperHelpfulAnalysisAndJunk.biz/SeriouslyReallyHelpful

Deadliest Catch (Discovery – Two-hour Season 8 finale. I never list this show because the ocean is terrifying and full of monsters, but I guess this is important, so here you go.

The Godfather Legacy (History) – A two-hour documentary about the making of the Francis Ford Coppola classic, narrating by Michael “OH! I’m Italian” Imperioli.

White Collar (USA Network) – In case you missed the first few episodes of this season, the guy in the hat ran to an island but the guy in the suit found him and brought him back but helped him in process so now he’s in trouble. There, now you’re caught up.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Jeremy Renner, Aaron Paul, and Nas on Kimmel; Zach Galifianakis and former U.S. sergeant Valerie Brown on Letterman; Minnie Driver on Ferguson; Colin Farrell and JWoww on Leno; Roseanne Barr and Nelly on Fallon (Oh, to be a fly on the wall in THAT green room); Matthew McConaughey on Stewart; and Eric McCormack and Eric Andre on Conan.

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