What’s On Tonight: ‘I May Destroy You’ Delivers The Halloween Party From Hell

If nothing below suits your sensibilities, check out our guide to What You Should Watch On Streaming Right Now.

I May Destroy You (HBO, 9:00 p.m.) — It’s truly impossible to say enough good things about this HBO drama from Michaela Coel so we’ll just say this: Even if we weren’t lacking in terms of new shows to binge each week, we’d still have this at the top of our must-watch list. After a season’s worth of navigating the murky waters of sexual assault and its aftermath, Arabella’s finally being held accountable for some of her more questionable behavior post-trauma. A Halloween party turns bad when Kwame opens up to the girls about his recent sexual experiments and receives a less-than-supportive reaction from his best friend.

Immigration Nation (Netflix) — This timely, six-part docuseries arrives on Netflix to give audiences an inside look at the struggle faced by some of the country’s most vulnerable communities. Back in 2017, filmmakers Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz were granted access by Leaders of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to shoot footage for the doc, but apparently, they’ve been fighting with the government ever since to actually release what they captured on camera. The show follows the legal saga of a handful of detained immigrants as they fight for citizenship.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 (Netflix) — Netflix’s group of superpowered oddballs is back and ready to save the world again, or destroy it. It could go either way with these weirdos. Technically this premiered last week, but so much crazy sh*t goes down this season that you’ll probably need a second viewing to catch it all.

Get Even (Netflix) — A movie about a group of British school girls fed up with the callous cliquey behavior of their peers and determined to get revenge? Sign us up.