What’s On Tonight: Jon Stewart’s Last Episode As Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central, 11 p.m.) — Last. Episode. Ever. After 16 years as the host of The Daily Show, the beloved Jon Stewart bids fans farewell as he heads back to New Jersey to spend more time with his family (and watching the Mets).

Review (Comedy Central, 10 p.m.) — Awkwardly pretending to be sick so that you can struggle to copulate in a cramped airplane bathroom thousands of feet off the ground sure sounds like a great time, but Forrest puts that hypothesis to the test as he reviews joining the Mile-High Club.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (FX, 10:00 p.m.) — The Heathers find out they’re HUGE in Belgium. But how huge is huge in a country with one-third of the population of California?

Married (FX, 10:30 p.m.) — Have you ever tried shopping for furniture with your significant other? Now imagine applying that horrifyingly difficult experience to selecting a swinging partner…

Rectify (Sundance, 10:00 p.m.) — Daggett’s playing Sherlock Holmes while trying to solve George Melton’s death, and Daniel fancies himself a handyman as he tries to fix the pool.

Astronaut Wives Club (ABC, 8:00 p.m.) — The astronaut wives deal with the morbid reality of our existence, as Betty splits her time between planning her husband’s funeral and demanding answers to the questions surrounding his untimely death.

Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 8:00 p.m.) — Do cold feet count as cold when you’re dealing with superhuman forces the likes of which have never been seen? Vincent, J.T., Tess and Heather use all their powers combined to convince Cat to believe in her destiny.

Mistresses (ABC, 9:00 p.m.) — Harry lends Marc a hand as he works to fend off some of those skeletons in his closet, and Karen goes to the doctor for one thing and leaves having to deal with another. An apple a day, people. An apple a day.

Complications (USA, 9:00 p.m.) — If snitches really do get stitches, then it’s a good thing John’s a surgeon because he’s about to piss some people off when he’s forced to testify against the Latin gang.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Joel McHale, Rosemarie DeWitt and Gary Barlow on Corden; Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show; Salma Hayek, Tim Gunn and Christopher Cross on Fallon; Ice-T, Lucy Hale and Andy Daly on Meyers.