These Three Characters Are Why 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Will Be Better than Last Year

Season Three of “The Walking Dead” begins in October, and by that time, many of us will probably have forgotten how badly parts of Season Two burned us, so we can begin anew with high expectations that will no doubt be smashed by the third episode. That said, there are at three compelling characters in the upcoming season that give us hope that it won’t be the same wooden acting and, hopefully, not the same belabored attempt to turn one page of a graphic novel into six episodes. The first of those characters is Michonne, who we got our first glimpse of at the end of season two. A couple of weeks ago, we also previewed our first look at Michonne without the hood.

The second new character in season three is the highly anticipated introduction of the series’ centerpiece villain, The Governor. The Governor’s storyline is essentially the heart of The Walking Dead series, the storyline the book readers most often refer to when discussion how great the series is. The third season will take place in a prison and on the The Governor’s estate. Here’s the first look at The Governor, played by British actor, David Morrissey.

Finally, the other new character isn’t a new character at all; it’s the return of an old one. You recognize this guy?

Merle Dixon is back. Last we saw him, he’d been left for dead handcuffed to a pipe on top of a roof. Judging from his new appendage, I guess we know how he got out of that jam. He’s going to be super pissed when he sees Rick again.