Who Is Alexander Skarsgård’s Character In ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’? [SPOILERS]

(SUPER SPOILER WARNING: Key Mr. & Mrs. Smith plot points will be found below.)

(I mean it, you were warned..)

One of the sheer joys involved in watching Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as John and Jane Smith, are the abundant cameos that pepper the series. Paul Dano portrays a “hot neighbor guy” (seriously), Ron Perlman embodies a really annoyed target, and there are also visits from Michaela Coel, Sarah Paulson, and more.

Then there’s Alexander Skarsgård, who makes every project better, but he only appears in a few minutes of the full first season. His role is also never explicitly explained (although enormously suggested), so what gives?

Skarsgård and a character portrayed by Eiza González only appear in the first few minutes of the show. Their roles don’t make full sense until much later — actually in the finale episode when the Super High Risk John (Wagner Moura) and Jane (Parker Posey) let High Risk John and Jane (Glover and Erskine) know that they tricked the newbie couple into heading into the jungle to kill a former John who had either failed too many missions or went off the rails. And since Glover and Erskine’s couple had run afoul of the company, their number was up, too.

This should prompt viewers to look back on the very first scene of the series (below), when Skarsgård and González were pursued as targets of some type. Their names? Also John and Jane.

Donald Glover, you little stinker. (Also, that’s pretty ballsy of Amazon to toss this scene onto Twitter as though it’s a tease for more Skarsgård.)

Well, those cameos didn’t last long, since this spy couple was also targeted for assassination. Prequel season, perhaps?

Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith is currently streaming eight episodes.