Why Gene From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is The Perfect Role Model

At times, Gene can feel like the forgotten child in the Belcher family. He’s not a feminist icon like Tina, or an aspiring criminal like Louise, but he’s still amazing in his own glorious way. He always has a wacky, non-sequitur one-liner for us, and his “never take anything seriously” attitude seems to be working quite well for him. With that in mind, let’s look at the reasons why everyone should be a little more like Gene Belcher.

He’s always capable of putting things in perspective:

He’s the type of person who can take anything in stride:

He is not afraid to express his identity in non-traditional ways:

He is a true artist, and he is willing to make art that upsets the establishment:

He’s never short on inspiration:

He has no time for the senseless violence of his male cohorts:

He’s willing to tell it like it is:

He’s aware of his limitations:

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some serious ambitions:

Finally, he gave us what might be the best song ever written: