Wil Wheaton Gives The Perfect Advice To A Little Girl About How To Deal With Bullies Who Pick On Nerds

Have mentioned how much we f***ing love Wil Wheaton? He made us all verklempt when he explained to a newborn what it means to be a nerd, he suggested that the Kardashians are more depressing than Hitler, and he made us sob in our Cheerios with this story, which will completely restore your faith in humanity. And now he offers the absolute best advice to a little girl dealing with bullies that pick on nerds.

What advice does Wheaton offer?

“When I was a little boy I was called a nerd all the time because I did not like sports, I loved to read, I liked math and science and I thought school was really cool and it hurt, a lot … Don’t let them make you feel bad because you love something … When a person makes fun of you, when a person is cruel to you, it has nothing to do with you … it’s about them feeling bad about themselves. They feel sad. They don’t get positive attention from their parents.”

It’s an amazing video, and definitely a must see despite almost being a year old. The crowd, in the end, appropriately cheers his advice. “I know it’s really hard when you’re in school and surrounded by the same 400 people a day that pick on you and make you feel bad about yourself,” he says, on an ending note. “But there’s 50,000 people here [at the Denver Comic Com] this weekend who went through the exact same thing. And we’re all doing really well.”

Slow clap.