Will ABC Reboot ‘Lost’? Carlton Cuse Thinks So!

Consider this: 24 is coming back on Fox; there will be spin-offs of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead coming to AMC; Heroes is returning; and How I Met Your Mother is getting a spin-off. Arrested Development got a fourth season years after it was cancelled; Veronica Mars got a movie, years after it was cancelled. I mean, for God’s sake, a movie is being made about Peeps now. When it comes to brand recognition, NOTHING is sacred.

So when Carlton Cuse, the showrunner for Lost, suggests that ABC is “likely” to reboot Lost, it is not a farfetched notion. “It’s a valuable franchise, and there will be some young, bright writer or writers who will come up with a great idea that the network responds to,” Carlton Cuse told EW. “And that’ll be great. I do not begrudge ABC the opportunity to do something more with the franchise.”

Does that mean it’s going to happen in the imminent future? Well, ABC IS the new NBC. Its ratings are terrible. It’s airing Celebrity Wife Swap again. Agents of SHIELD‘s ratings have more than halved since its premiere. It’s biggest hit, Modern Family is down. It’s one major hit in recent years, Scandal, is already suffering from viewer fatigue. It doesn’t have the NFL or the Olympics to prop up its ratings. Despite one of the best time slots on network television for it (after Modern Family), it can’t launch a new sitcom to save its life. Dancing with the Stars is sinking, right along with Revenge, and it’s Once Upon a Time spin-off was cancelled after the first season.

So you tell me? A hugely struggling network sitting on one of the major brands from the last decade — the preeminent theory show of all time — searching desperately for programming to lift it in the ratings?

Yeah, I think it’s possible that ABC will reboot Lost. I think it’s practically inevitable.

Source: EW

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