A Woman Is Suing Jay Leno After He Accused Her Of Bestiality

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11.19.13 11 Comments

Have you heard about this? This is in the news: Jay Leno, the host of The Tonight Show, he apparently implied on TV that a Long Island woman had inappropriate relations with a rat. It’s true, it’s true. When reached for comment, the rat replied, “I like my ladies the way I do my cheese: spoiled.” *the entire state of Iowa dies from laughter*

In the complaint, filed in New York Supreme Court in Nassau County, former American Airlines flight attendant Louann Giambattista claims that a July 2013 episode of The Tonight Show picked up a story about her supposedly smuggling her pet rat onto work flights in her underwear and/or pantyhose. (Giambattista says that the story was the result of an alleged “relentless campaign of discrimination” by American Airlines.)

According to the suit, “Leno and his guests falsely accused Ms. Giambattista of engaging in sexual relations with a rat,” primarily via the comments made by panelists on the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” segment. (Via)

It gets better. For us. For the Olive Garden pasta dish known as a “Louann Giambattista,” it’s so much worse.

Since the segment aired, Giambattista claims she and her husband, Steven Goldring, have become “pariahs in their own community, among their long-standing group of friends, among their co-workers and even among family.” Giambattista and Goldring’s intimate life has [also] suffered because, “Every time he looks at her he thinks of Defendant Leno and the heinous segment depicting her as a sexual deviant.”

Ironically, Louann is known around the neighborhood for always wearing her furry boots made out of rats.

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