Wonder Woman Ran Into A Stained Charlie Day In A Super Bowl Crossover Ad

Tide had an interesting Super Bowl strategy as far as advertising went: choosing to employ Charlie Day, get him messy and make him wander into what appeared to be a bunch of other commercials in the process. Tide, of course, did an ad campaign with Day that featured an initial commercial, and they added quick spots where he kept procrastinating on whether to actually get the stain removed with a washing.

The first short ad was a feature in the Bud Light medieval ads you’re probably very familiar with, but a second, seen above, was a dive into the DC Universe. The 15-second ad didn’t offer much, but it did serve as a bit of a teaser for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. The ad showed Wonder Woman in a very ’80s mall, chasing down someone with the Lasso of Truth and swooping in with a patented superhero landing to save the day. She then runs into Charlie Day, who has been in the process of doing laundry while also appearing in a Bud Light ad and a few others.

It’s a brief teaser of Wonder Woman 1984, though it’s extremely unlikely this stain treatment actually makes its way into the movie itself. Points to Tide for getting into basically everything on Super Bowl Sunday, including one of the most anticipated movies of 2020.