Wonder Woman to Battle Liz Hurley

03.03.11 7 years ago 15 Comments


People with taste have been saying that David E. Kelley’s script for the pilot of NBC’s “Wonder Woman” remake is terrible, but at this point it could be dubbed with a kung fu movie and I wouldn’t care. That’s because, in addition to the casting of Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince, the show has added Elizabeth Hurley as the show’s first villain.

Hurley tweeted this morning that she “will be playing the evil villain” in the David E. Kelley-scripted pilot.

A source close to the project, however, says there are still some outstanding visa issues that have to get sorted out before Hurley’s deal becomes official. Assuming everything works out, the British actress/model will be playing Veronica Cale, an evil scientist and businesswoman with a secret, nefarious plan. [TV Line]

If there is one thing — just ONE THING — from the 1990s that I like to remember fondly, it’s the threesome I had with two Tri-Delts my senior year of college. But if there are two things, then the second is definitely the way Liz Hurley looked in Austin Powers. Good God. I’m still mad at Hugh Grant for getting that hooker.

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