Watch The ‘Workaholics’ Crew Say Goodbye All Over Again

If you’re a fan of Workaholics then you probably watched the finale when it aired last month. And maybe, like series co-star and co-creator Adam Devine, you cried as “hard as sh*t” while reflecting on the pranks and other moments from the show. That’s fine — Workaholics may have had built-in stoner appeal, but that doesn’t mean everyone who watched it was made of stone. In an effort to stoke some feels ahead of the release of the show’s final season on DVD on June 20th — it will appear alongside a complete series set — and ensure that you don’t completely forget your attachment to the show’s slackers (Devine and fellow co-stars/co-creators Anders Holm and Blake Anderson), Comedy Central has released a clip from a featurette that’s on the DVD that takes a brief look at the parting roof shot with the cast in a reflective mood. And when we say brief, we mean brief. Really, would it have killed them to show the entire after-party? But maybe the fantasy is better than the reality ever could be. That’s why unicorns have an allure even though they’re just horses with horns on their head.

Workaholics: The Final Season and Workaholics: The Complete Series will be available in stores June 20th.