The Infinite Wisdom Of ‘Workaholics’ Karl Hevacheck

There are few men more reliable, more consistent, than Karl Hevacheck. Not just a pharmaceutical distributor and general booster of egos — because, hey, at least you’re not him — Karl’s life experience as water trash makes him a veritable fountain of life advice. Here are his insights into everyday problems we all have to face.

On how to assert your basic human dignity.

When faced with any food in the office, especially anything called a “surprise.”

On the important bonds of friendship, and how low you can sink without it…

When you need to bolster your self-esteem:


On careful use of substances to enhance your life experience:

When dealing with the completely rude and tasteless people around you:

When being a gentleman and talking about your night.

When explaining the future of the economy:

When discussing the finer points of repelling unwanted guests:

Using poetry to explain the compromise and balance that come with any relationship.

When discussing togetherness and community, usually formed through psychoactive chemicals:

When deferring to the proper superior:

And, finally, Karl shows us how to make a graceful exit from a difficult conversation:

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