‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Shame’

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07.12.13 5 Comments

wilfred schall

There was a distressing lack of Sharknados in last night’s Wilfred, but it still ended up being my favorite episode of the season to date, thanks in no small part to a guest appearance from the always-welcome Kristen Schaal. Her single-white-female work on 30 Rock bugged a lot of people, but I never minded Hazel Wassername (I found her an interesting compliment to Jenna), and I love her in everything else she’s done: The Flight of the Conchords, obviously, but also Gravity Falls, Archer, Adventure Time, and especially Bob’s Burgers. She’s a cartoon character brought to life, and Wilfred seemed to recognize this.

She slouched and fell limp, as if she was made of rubber, and her shirt was painted the many colors of a sandwich. But what kept “Shame” from Looney Tunes-level wackiness was its honest message: don’t be someone you’re told to be; be YOU. Or in Wilfred’s words, “You ripped the horn off the unicorn, Ryan, because you wanted it to be a normal horse. But it’ll never be a normal horse because now there’s that circular scab on its forehead.” It’s bordering on corniness, but hey, if you want to get paid to eat sandwiches in front of strangers, where do I sign up?

Anyway, this week’s WTF moment goes to…

wilfred that thing

Seriously, the hell is that thing?

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