X Factor to create child millionaires

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02.07.11 3 Comments

FOX and the producers of the upcoming Asa of Judah-quality Idol killer “The X Factor” said Monday that they would award the winner of their forthcoming singing competition a Sony Music record deal worth five million dollars, the “the largest guaranteed prize in television history.”

To make things even better, singers as young as twelve years old will be able to compete on “The X Factor,” as will groups.  And while the whole “giving five million dollars to a twelve year old” thing isn’t going to result in anything above a Miranda-Cosgrovian brat dynamo, the groups addition leaves both of my “Havok and Polaris will be on the show” and “Justin Credible and Prince Albert will be on this show” jokes intact.

No hosts other than Simon Cowell have been confirmed, but Simon’s rambling, increasingly esoteric comparisons to explain what a bad singer sings like will be enough to get me to wach.  “I THOUGHT it was LIKE when you go to an 18th century cotillion and a child is being made to sing against his will for the enjoyment of Lord Fauntleroy, and” so on and so on.

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