Yay, A Jim Gaffigan Show!

Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics, and he was always underused on “My Boys.” So it’s great to hear that NBC has a bought a sitcom about his life.

NBC has bought a single-camera comedy from actor-comedian Jim Gaffigan, Universal TV and Scot Armstrong and Ravi Nandan’s studio-based American Work. Gaffigan will write and star in the project based on his life as a lazy man, married to a strong woman, raising 4 children in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York City. [Deadline]

It’s not exactly the most enticing premise, but what comedy has a great premise? “A former pro baseball player runs a bar” isn’t a markedly better concept than “a longtime bachelor marries into a Mexican-American family,” but I can say with confidence that “Cheers” is better than Rob Schneider’s forthcoming CBS sitcom.

The difference is usually the actors and writing, and while we can’t jump to conclusions about what the writing will be like, I can say with confidence that nobody does “lazy but exasperated” quite like Gaffigan: