You in danger, girl

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.04.11 6 Comments

Best Supporting Actress Academy Award winner (for 1995’s Theodore Rex) Whoopi Goldberg shocked middling housewives and gay guys who didn’t have to go to work when she sympathized with Charlie Sheen by explaining how she was once so hopped up on goofballs that she took a crap in her bed to keep monsters from killing her.  Is it weird that Theodore Rex is the only joke in this paragraph?

She pooped and pissed herself into sobriety.  So that’s your pleasant image for the day.  A cracked-out, mid-90s Whoopsie Goldberg in the fourth day of a bed-in, caked in her own refuse, scared to go film her cameo as Buckwheat’s Mom in the Little Rascals movie because the floor is lava.  I hope that when her roommate found her, she busted out some form of “you sho’ is ugly.”

(Watch the video, or better yet, for the love of God don’t below)

Note: This video does not contain graphic goings to the bathroom.

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