4Chan Tries To Name Mountain Dew's New Flavor. This Will Surely End Well.

Mountain Dew — the leading cause of “Mountain Dew mouth” (also known at “rotten teeth”) in America — recently set up a “Dub the Dew” campaign to crowdsource names for their new flavor “with green apple attitude.” Any time a corporate entity tries to get free labor while referring to their product’s “attitude,” I want to set the nearest Tweety Bird “attitude” shirt on fire. Even if somebody’s wearing it. (Especially if somebody’s wearing it.) So it makes my heart sing to know 4chan decided to Dub the Dew. Or was it 9gag?

Titled Operation Gushing Grannies, the plan was to fill the top ten with horrendously bad names. The contest rules stated Mountain Dew could disregard the winner and pick something else in the top ten. Here are a couple of examples (via Hypervocal) of the top ten names during the voting:

I’m hoping Diabeetus wins, although Fapple has a certain charm to it. A larger list of the awful name suggestions is available here. Not surprisingly, DubtheDew.com is down. For a short while, the site was hacked with a Rickroll and offensive comments:

After clicking the link the user was directed to the mountain dew website and a pop up box that said “le 9gga are leggion” appeared… I kind of panicked, thinking it was a website with a virus or something. However, after clicking “ok” an embedded Youtube video of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” starts playing. There was also a marquee at the top of the page that says “Mtn Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11!” [Curiefan]


We’re betting Mountain Dew won’t be using any of those winning names. Perhaps they’ll use Adam Carolla’s suggestion and call it Nectar Of The Tards.

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