Here Are The 5 Best Videos On YouTube From The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Early Days

It’s almost time to get weird again as our favorite telemarketers return to the small screen this Wednesday with the season four premiere of Workaholics. Check out their “Best Friends Ballad” from Conan last night immediately if you haven’t already.

Season three felt a little different than the previous two seasons — I’m not saying it wasn’t funny, it was still very tight butthole — but we saw the fellas venture a bit more outside the office and their life of 24/7 partying. I enjoyed watching them experiment a little more with the storylines, giving us episodes like “A TelAmerican Horror Story” and the post-apocalyptic season finale, “The Future is Gnar.”

In preparation for the season four premiere, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of the early sketches that led to the creation of Workaholics. Before they were pulling in Comedy Central dough, they were just four friends producing silly sketch videos and songs about gangster wizards under the name Mail Order Comedy and its predecessor, Dungeon of the Nutsack. (I’m guess Mail Order Comedy sounded a bit more network friendly, thus the change.)

Let’s kick things off with…

Religious Dad

This one was a solo venture for Adam and it’s immediately obvious how much Chris Farley has influenced him with his impression of a church-going father about to bring fire and brimstone upon his children.

Bang Bus MOC Style

While nothing even close to banging takes place, the boys attempt to recreate their favorite mobile porn series. You kind of know how the gag is going to play out, but it doesn’t deter their enthusiasm and pick-up lines from being any less funny.

Musical Beers

Blake and Adam are forced to call Ders out on his drinking problem. The problem being that his sad 90s alt-rock songs aren’t helping their buzz.

Straight Outta Mordor

Probably the most well known of their wizard gangster rap songs, you might have seen the guys perform a live version on Conan last spring, but I chose to include the music video version for the Boys In The Hood-style drive-by scene.

Cool Teachers

It’s a simple premise: a cool teacher can become really creepy, really quick. But it gives the guys a chance to showcase some of their strange characters and Blake another reason to wear a terrible fake beard.

*The Raver’s Prayer

Comedy Central released a teaser clip of what we can expect from this season. If you guessed more sexual innuendo and jokes about drug use, then you are 100% correct.

Banner image via YouTube