A Thoroughly Emasculating Collection Of Girls Laughing Reactions

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08.31.11 10 Comments

I spend so much of my time on the world wide web scouring Facebook for sorority beach photo galleries working on content I don’t get to troll message boards like I used to. So I just recently became aware of the “Girls Laughing” reaction image trend that has apparently been around for a while (I’m also considering a Twitter account, let me know if it seems like it has staying power).
Timeliness aside, I’m endlessly fascinated by lazy and effective ways to end arguments and undermine others on the internet. I’m most fascinated by the lulzier methods that would never work in real life. “Girls Laughing” hits a serious sweet spot as it taps into: a) the sensitive male ego, b) the assumption that message board commenters know nothing about women, and c) stereotypes that all females are gossipy and evil and love to laugh at you behind your back.
“Girls Laughing” reactions are immature, mean-spirited, and I couldn’t find them funnier. Here’s the first ever documented usage…

Oh man, that’s some tasty ownage. Just completely pooping on the well-intentioned, yet oblivious thought of another. Doesn’t it leave you itching to do some ball-breaking? I’m about to respond to one of my less sports savvy buddies in the fantasy football draft email chain that’s currently circulating with a girls laughing photo accompanied by: “He doesn’t even know that Chris Johnson is holding out.” It’s gonna kill.
Here’s a collection of the best girls laughing stock photos out there, complete with example captions. If I’m anything, I’m a public servant.
Source: Know Your Meme
“He said his sister told him about it.”
“He said he’d take me somewhere nice, like Red Lobster.”
“He’s growing it longer in the back to compensate.”
“He just kept quoting Anchorman.”
“All his status updates are about being at the gym.”
“His senior quote was a Nickelback lyric.”
“He just kept making jokes about shrinkage.”
“And then his mom called again.”
“He was wearing socks with sandals.”
“He kept blaming it on the generic Cialis he bought online.”

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